Zomato receiving low ratings for the app after the Halal tag issue

Loads of criticism is being showered on Zomato from some customers, as the online food delivery app had defended its decision at not changing the food delivery executive for a particular customer. The customer said that the delivery boy was a non-Hindu and hence cancelled the order. The Zomato officials responded on Twitter regarding the issue and said that food doesn’t have any religion. After the tweet, several people started criticizing and asked why the company is ready to provide if somebody wants Halal food. The company again defended this criticism and said that they are having the Halal tag on their app only because there are a lot of restaurants that need such distinction.


Anyhow, after the incident, a lot of Zomato users started leaving the lowest star reviews on Google Play and App store to cast their protest regarding the issue.

When asked about why there was not categorization for Jhatka meat, Zomato said that it has not considered it as there are no requirements for the same right now. But Zomato also stated that if there is a huge demand for Jhatka meat from the customers, they will be trying that too.

One of the Google Play user said that the Zomato app was communalising the Indian society and has also ashamed the Hindu religion with its current tweets.


Another user said that he is uninstalling the app only because of the double standards shown by Zomato with two different religions.

There was also the same level of responses on App Store as well. A user on App Store said that Zomato is very keen in providing Halal food for a particular community and at the same time it is forgetting the concerns and sentiments of another community. A lot of people have uninstalled Zomato and a large number of low ratings have been showered on the App so far.

by Ricky Tandon | Fri, Aug 02 - 10:17 AM

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