A New Zealand Firm Had A 4-Day Work Week And India Should take Lessons

Working in India is not a child's play. A person can either fulfil his work commitments or can have a social or personal life. Maintaining work-life balance is a dream for Indian employees. The reason is that companies have fixed numbers of hours for the employees to maintain in the week, no matter if he has done the work. It is an often sight in the firms that the employees are done with the work, and still sit for next couple of hours in the office because employers consider them slaves and believe that paying salary means they have bought the person.

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People working in Giant IT firms or banks, still have a weekend in name of Saturday and Sunday week offs. However, most of the private firms provide a Sunday in name of a week off which generally goes doing laundry, getting groceries, and cleaning the house. There is no time left for themselves where they can spend time with their friends, or family, travel to a place or do the thing they like. Before a person could think of relaxing, the Monday has already arrived.

Having a 3-day long weekend is a dream for us, but this dream became a reality for employees of a firm in New Zealand.

Andrew Barnes, the chief executive at Perpetual Guardian experiment to give a 3 day weekend to the employees and it was a success.

In a week trial, the stress level reduced by 7%. There was a significant improvement in the work-life balance.

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"What we've seen is a massive increase in engagement and staff satisfaction about the work they do, a massive increase in staff intention to continue to work with the company and we've seen no drop in productivity," said Barnes.

He said that if a person could fulfil his work commitments in reduced time, then there's is no reason that he should be given less salary. He says, "If you can have parents spending more time with their children, how is that a bad thing?"

When are we going to learn this? Hope the employers in India are reading this!

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