Youtuber Rahul Vohra Dies of COVID-19 after penning a heartbreaking Facebook post

Actor tuned Youtuber Rahul Vohra breathed his last on Sunday at a hospital in Dwarka due to Covid-19 complications before penning down a heart felt post on Facebook. The sad news about his demise was shared by Arvind Gaur, theatre director, and playwright on his Facebook handle.

Rahul who had acted in the Netflix film 'Unfreedom' seek help through a post on Facebook on May 4. He wrote that he had tested positive for Covid-19 and was admitted to a Delhi hospital. Asking for better facilities he said, "I am Covid-19 positive. There is no recovery. Is there a hospital where I may get an oxygen bed because by oxygen level is continuously going down. I do not have anyone to look after me. I have been forced to write this post out of sheer helplessness."[0]=AZUUAbQ43LPtFy6nnUeaOJ6uJIO7rVzaRtA1867YxTK5EyJDGEcvlHok4jguPopdYaqNlTdYQrX_XFkCOkcuGkyhyERHoTp6VWXGN6zj2L7sRJtkqOrgHLmDFFr1rJ8PiAt91JIuo-Lxp80CdNQjy1iJ-J-25MKB82ZXNS6bWbkReQ&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Rahul's bid adieu with his last, "I will be reborn and do some good work. Now, I have last all the courage."

The 35 year old actor, was admitted at the Rajeev Gandhi Super Specialty hospital at Tahirpur and later shifted to Ayushman Hospital at Dwarka. The Uttarakhand based actor was a popular face on digital platforms.

Gaur took to Facebook to share the news. His post said, "Rahul Vohra is gone, my talented actor is no more....Please forgive us all. We all are culprits."


by Tapasya Iyer | Sun, May 09 - 08:27 PM

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