You Are Not A McDonald’s Fan If You Don’t Know The 10 Things About It

McDonald's is one of the popular eating joints across the globe which serves a variety of burgers. The popular eatery is also famous for its crispy fries which are just too tempting to be missed.

From adults to kids to oldies, everyone can be spotted in here enjoying the super delicious meals.

But you are not a die-hard McDonald’s fan if you are not aware about these 10 things. I’m sure you will be surprised to know these things.

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1.The popular joint was started by two brothers in California. These guys named Richard and Maurice McDonald (who went by Dick and Mac) were running a business of a failing movie theater when they decided to buy a hot dog stand nearby. The Airdrome Hot Dog Stand would be their first foray into the restaurant business.

2.In 1940, the two brothers started the first drive-in McDonald's as Bar-B-Que in San Bernardino, California. In 1948 it was re-branded as a place for burgers and fries.

3.Do you wish to visit the first and the oldest McDonald’s? Here it is. The oldest one still in operation is in Downey, California. It's even maintained some of the original branding.

4.Ronald McDonald wasn't always the mascot. Today, he is one of the famous brand mascots in the world, but the original McDonald's mascot was a little chef named Speedee.

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5.The very famous golden arches have been around since its inception. The design is based on the very first store which was designed with two yellow arches on either side. They were later made as the logo for McDonald’s which is now popular and well-known to all.

6.Mc D’s international menu is quite different from the American ones. You will find the menu quite different and unfamiliar if you visit Mc D outside the US. You can try some of these international items without leaving the country by visiting the Chicago Headquarters.

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7. The popular eatery also witnessed a number of celebrities working here before they shot to fame. Pink, Rachel McAdams, Shania Twain, and even Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos are a few to be named.

8. There’s bad news for the die-hard fans of Mc D as some of the countries have banned it. It has several locations across 119 countries but not all the nations are eager to have this joint in their country. Macedonia, Iceland, Zimbabwe, Bolivia and Iran are some nations where you won’t find Mc D anywhere.

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9.The popular item on the menu French fries are not vegan or vegetarian. I know it hurts to know but it’s true. In the case of US McDonald's, however, the fries aren't safe either. The ingredients list natural beef flavor, and that flavor has been the subject of controversy and lawsuits.

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10.Almost everyone in the continental US is within 100 miles of a McDonald's at any given time. Within the continental United States, there are only two spots where you're more than 100 miles from a McDonald's — one in California (115 miles) and one in South Dakota (107 miles). For most of the country, it only takes a short drive to get a Dollar Menu fix.

So folks, what do you think about these surprising facts about your all-time favorite McDonalds? Share your views with us in comments.

by Vijay Singh | Wed, Jun 27 - 12:34 PM

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