Yogi Puranik Becomes the First Indian to Win Ward Assembly Elections in Japan

A 41-year old man originated from India namely Yogi Puranik won Ward Assembly Elections in Japan. He becomes the first and foremost Indian to win the election in Japan. His full name is Puranik Yogendra who is a Japanese man gained 6477 votes. His voting number turned out to become the 5th highest of 226561 valid ballots cast. On 21st April, the Election Commission held unified local elections in different parts of Japan.

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Yogi has great support from the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan. He said, 'I want to be a bridge between Japanese and foreigners.' Out of 23 wards in Tokyo, there is number of Indian residents especially in Edogawa Ward having 4300. There are more than 34000 Indians who live in Japan. In Edogawa Ward, there are several Chinese and Korean people.

Shamshad Khan, the author of Changing Dynamics of India-Japan Relations told the news channel that says, 'this is the first-ever victory of a naturalized Japanese of Indian origin in elections in Japan. This is also recognition of contributions made by Indians towards the Japanese society.'

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In the year 1997, Yogi went to Japan as a University Student from India. Later, he returned back after 2 years for the purpose of education. In the year 2001, Yogi started working as an engineer. He also worked for a bank as well as some other companies and led his life in Edogawa Ward since the year 2005. After strengthening his bond with Yogi, he witnessed an earthquake and Tsunami that affected the areas in the year 2011.

He then said, 'I felt the time had come for me to become Japanese," Yogi said. He acquired Japanese nationality the following year and pursued a career in politics. "I want to be an assemblyman who can connect everyone regardless of nationality, age, or even disabilities, through my 20 years of living in Japan.'

This way, Yogi turned out to become Japanese and now, he won the ward assembly elections in Japan. As an Indian, we are proud of Yogi as he had the aim to bring changes in his country.

by Neetu Panwar | Wed, Apr 24 - 11:11 AM

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