Don’t Worry, Petrol Prices Won’t Rise Above Rs 99.99/L Because Machines Do Not Take Triple Digit

A few days back, we were discussing about how there is a cut throat competition between petrol prices and Rupee against Dollar. The two have been competing each other to hit the century first which we definitely don't want. This unnecessary race between Fuel prices and dollar is burning a hole in our pockets. However, we guess we have the results now, and it would be the Dollar who will win this race.

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The prices of petrol have been skyrocketed in last few days reaching upto Rs 90 In Mumbai and Rs 80.33/litre in capital city Delhi. In Patna too, the petrol prices have reached Ra 86. 25 per litre.

A Commuter said to ANI, “The way the prices are increasing with each passing day, it seems that it would cross Rs. 100 per litre. It’s only the common man who is getting affected due to this. The government should take some steps and do something about it.”

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Another commuter said that they might have to apply for a bank loan in order to get their motor vehicles filled with fuel.

Currently, Premium petrol consumers are paying such a high cost as on September 08 as the price of Octane quality petrol was increased to Rs 100.33/litre. The display machine was just showing 0.33/litre  (how we wish) as it can't show triple digits. The price of this premium petrol is Rs 20 more than the cost of normal petrol. A petrol pump owner said to a leading daily, "We have to manually update the fuel prices every day because they keep changing. The fuel dispenser can't handle more than Rs 100 as of now.”

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Since the display machines can show a maximum value of only Rs 99.99, therefore, the petrol pump services had to be stopped. A special engineer was called to re-calibrate the machines.

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