Have a look at World-renowned contemporary artist Leng Jun incredibly hyper realistic artwork

Chinese artist Leng Jun is one of the renowned artist who is known in all over the world for his incredibly unique artwork. He is popular at worldwide level for his incredible hyper realistic paintings. Artist Jun has been awarded an honorary doctorate from Birmingham City University.

He was Born in 1963 in Sichuan and graduated from the fine arts department at the Hankou Branch of Wuhan Normal College in 1984.the artist currently lives and works in Beijing. He is loved for his mind-blowing painting skills and the precision of lifelike details.


Leng Jun incredible artwork have been  recognized by major art exhibitions in China. He has also won few awards like the Art Award in the 2nd Annual Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition, the Golden Award in the 3rd Annual Chinese Art Exhibition and the Gold Award in the 9th National Art Exhibition.

Jun in a speech delivered to the Birmingham City University graduates, said that “the study of art is not the same as other professions.”

He further added  “Let the will be set on the path of duty. Let every attainment of what is good be firmly grasped. Let perfect virtue be emulated. Let relaxation and enjoyment be found in the arts.”

“The general idea is that art is the last energy or path to the soul, which is second only to morality and benevolence. It is firmly placed in front of philosophy and science,” Leng explained.

Check out his amazing hyper realistic artwork below:








The portrait he has made of a lady in green sweater is  one of Jun’s hyper realistic paintings. Like this painting he has other paintings as well which can fool a viewer that it is captured by a camera and not had made. His artwork visuals are of another level which can be seen rarely. His artwork signifies amazing and detailed life like details.

by Mamatha Reddy | Wed, Apr 24 - 02:34 PM

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