Wondering what to watch tonight? Here are 5 binge-watch worthy shows on Netflix

Every morning I wake up at 9 am determined that at least today will be productive. "I will sleep early tonight at 10:30 sharp keeping my smartphone away," I say to myself. And then the day happens.. the lazy me hardly gets any any assignments done throughout the day. About sleeping early, I start scrolling my phone right at 10:35 promising to keep it away in 5 minutes which turns into full 2 hours binge-watching session.

Binge-watching has become one of the most favorite hobbies of many youth today. Switching between Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Max Player and many other apps, has become a daily habit for many. Especially with Netflix releasing huge number of shows and movies daily, it really becomes a crucial bureaucracy-level decision to make on what to watch. Helping you solve this crucial problem and saving your time, here are top 5 shows to watch on Netflix immediately:

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  1. The Bold Type: If you are someone who loves series about friendship, ambitions and feminism, this is a show for you. The story revolves around three girl bestfriends who are there for each other while facing their struggles in their workplace 'Scarlet Magazine', love life, and family drama. The series gives us a inside view of how a global publication house works and challenges faced by woman in their social and professional life. The final season of this series is already in its final stage and is set to release in May 2021. So, get on your closet room and hurry up before its too late to catch up.

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2. Ginny and Georgia: Thriller, murder, horror, friendship and teenage flings, this series has it all. Ginny and Georgia explores relationship between a young mom and her teenage daughter who have just began a new life in New England Town. The relationship goes through many ups and downs due to various social aspects. The teenage daughter wishes to get her freedom and open the secrets to future. But, the ghosts of her mother's past doesn't let her be free. This is not your regular mother-daughter story.

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3. You: Everything is fair in love and war, isn't it? But, what if love turns to obsession. Will the adage still apply? When a brilliant bookseller falls in love with a aspiring female writer, an awkward crush turns into constant stalking, controlling and in the end....let me not give you spoilers. This psychological crime thriller shows you the other side of love. So, next time when someone asks, "How far can you go for love?" show them this series.

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4. Elite : College series are always fun to binge-watch. They are all about aspirations, teenage bonds, undecided mind and class divides. Similarly, in this 3-season series, three working class teens join an exclusive private schools in Spain. The class divide between them and the rich students intensifies. The friendly tussle ends up becoming tragic case. Sit on your Elite space and tune in now.

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5. Queen's Gambit: The series is set in the era of the cold war. When the whole world is divided into two halves, an orphaned chess champion Beth Harmon continues with her addiction to become the greatest chess player in the whole world. The series is about passion for the game, intellect and addiction. Hop on to the time-machine as we go to the cold war era.

The list of binge-watch worthy amazing series is very long. In this age of fast updates, isn't it a need to keep yourself updated about the latest series as well? In spite of all these, if you wish to go back to the most comforting, favorite series 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S', I will always be there for you! But, still give these series a chance, you won't regret.

What are you waiting for? Switch on the series NOW!

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by Tapasya Iyer | Tue, May 11 - 08:31 PM

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