Women’s Hockey World Cup: India Loses To Ireland By 1-0 And Needs To Win Next Match Against The US

India is a sports-loving country and all the sports are appreciated here. India is continuously excelling in games like Cricket, Badminton, Hockey, Football, etc and soon our country will be among the top countries in most of the sport.

In the on-going women's hockey world cup, Ireland got a led of 1-0 on Indian team in the recent match in London on Thursday. After settling for a 1-1 draw against World No. 2 and hosts England in their Pool B opener, the Indian hockey team failed to capitalise on their match against lower ranked Ireland, who qualified for the quarterfinals with the win against the Indian team.

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A 13th-minute penalty corner conversion by Anna O'Flanagan was all that Ireland required to get a lead and maintain that lead until the match ends.

It was also India’s second consecutive defeat to Ireland having lost to the same opponents 1-2 in their last encounter at the Hockey World league Semifinals in Johannesburg last year.

The table of the group now stands as Ireland(6 points), England(2 points), India(1 point), the USA(1 point).

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The increasing humidity and pressure were among factors that were affecting the Indian team. They were not present mentally on the field. India had enough chances to score but didn't utilise any. If they failed to secure a single penalty corner in their 1-1 draw against England, they secured as many as seven penalty corners but failed to utilise a single one.

India will next play the USA in a must-win last pool game on July 29 to stand in with any chance of progressing to the knockout stage while Ireland will take on England.

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The only thing our team needs is our support. We must support it as we support the cricket team. After all, its also team India and playing the world cup. We wish them good luck in their game. Stay tuned to Laughing Colours for latest news and updates.

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