Studies suggest women need more sleep than men and there’s a reason behind it

Is it really true that women need more sleep than men...? but the point is up to which extent?

Yes, according to Dr. Jim Horne, Britain's leading expert in sleep science. In an article published in the Daily Mail, Horne explained that on an average women needs 20 minutes more than men. He explained in an article published in the Daily Mail, that women are more hardworking and multitasking and they use more of their actual brain than men leading to a greater need for sleep and it's essential that the more you use your brain the more it needs to rest.


While women need more sleep than men, many are not getting the proper amount. There are several factors that may affect women's quantity and quality of sleep: Sleep disturbances during pregnancy due to excess weight and position of the fetus. Difficulty sleeping during menopause due to hot flashes. Being woken up and moved around on the bed by the partner. (Men tend to be larger than women)Worrying about problems and losing sleep, these are the basic problem which women face daily life.

As per The National Sleep Foundation recommends, "Combating insomnia by getting regular exercise, setting a routine bed and wake times, limiting caffeine and intake of drinks, and improving the sleep environment. If insomnia persists, women can talk to their doctors about sleep to determine other steps which they can take to improve their health."


A study in 2008 by Duke University found that women who reported improper sleep had greater psychological distress, increasing chances of heart ailments, type 2 diabetes, depression, and mood disorders.

“We believe that hormones are likely the reason behind unhealthy sleep in women, but we don’t know why it results in more serious health consequences in women than in men,” says Dr. Raju.


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by Shifa Naz | Sun, Oct 07 - 12:04 PM

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