This woman’s love for chocolate has no parity, spends 26 lakhs on chocolates in 1 day

If a person is given 26 lakh Rupees and asked it to spend or invest wherever he wants, where will he spent ? May be he will buy some property or will go for fixed deposit or will make a long lasting investment but here is a woman who spent 26 Lakh Rupees over her craving for chocolates.Yes, you heard it right , over chocolates !!

Zamira Hajiyeva is the name of the woman one who spent 26 Lakh Rupees on chocolates . She is   wife of a jailed Azerbaijani banker. As a part of her shopping-spree worth £16 million (₹140 crores approximately) that stretched for a decade, Hajiyeva spent £30,000 (₹26 Lakhs approximately) on chocolates at London’s luxury department store Harrods.

According to News 18, she made the payment at Harrods’ gourmet Belgian chocolate outlet Godiva, where a luxury chocolate hamper costs as much as £600 (₹52,950), along with bespoke gift sets.

Apart from satisfying her chocolate craving, she has also spent £1 million (₹8 crores 82 lakhs approx) in the Harrods toy department and £5.75 million (₹50 crore approx) at the jewellery designers Boucheron and Cartier. Between 2006 to 2016, she spent an average of £1.6 million.

When National Crime Agency (NCA) carried out an investigation to determine her source of wealth, she landed  in a big trouble. It also led to her husband’s conviction as he was found guilty of corruption. The court has now asked the Hajiyeva to shed light on the source of the money she spent over shopping.


by Lokendra Sharma | Fri, May 31 - 05:50 PM

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