Woman from Bengaluru shares her tragic life experience on being followed by male stalkers

There is nothing new in hearing a news about woman molestation in India. The country well known for its cultural values is now becoming famous for crimes against women. Almost every woman in the country faces some sort of molestation, eve teasing, body-shaming and sexual abuse in their lives. Some are even raped. Whenever such incidents come in the eyes of media, politicians and celebrities tend to help the victim's family and start talking about the safety and security of women. The citizens too start criticizing the government and the administration for not paying much attention on security of women.

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Such an incident recently took place in Bengaluru, which is considered as one of the most developed cities in the country. Video of a woman was posted on social media where she can be seen sharing the tragic incident happened to her. Some male stalkers followed her as she was heading towards her home with the son in a car. The stalkers were in a BMW car driving right behind her and the time was around 10 PM.

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It can be clearly seen that she was terrified and her tears spoke everything. The lady took a wise decision and drove to the nearby police station instead of going home as it could be risky. But what happened there is extremely shocking. She said that the policeman refused to help her and not even allowed her to enter the police station. The policemen asked her to talk with them nicely when the lady told them, her life can be in danger as some male stalkers are following her.

Various social media campaigns have been running for helping women. In spite of all these activities, women still don't feel safe in India. The question here is how can India help her women staying safe and secure and roam freely whenever and wherever they want?

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