You Will Soon See Advertisements And Payment Option In WhatsApp

We all do not like Advertisements popping up while we are watching or reading something. Admit it, whenever ads come we just want to change the channel or wanted to skip it on videos. Initially, ads were the part of Television and then it started coming into videos on the web. From Facebook to Instagram, these ads of sponsorships are shown in between the stories you watch of your friends. Even the online music application give ads in between the song. Ughh... That's right!

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Before you back out from the page reading about ads, let us inform you with a new headline that Whatsapp-messaging application will soon display the ads in between the status story page. Yes, it just like those Insta and Fb process- when you watch the shared stories ads comes which you can skip also. Thus, an ad may appear while you are looking at a friends status.

All of this chaos is going to happen just to increase the business of Whatsapp like recently, other social media applications. When Facebook took over Whatsapp in 2014 for a whopping $22 billion and gave the service of free SMS throughout all these years, the company hasn’t made any profit. Now, Facebook is looking for a bit of profit so whether you like it or not this will happen soon. This will not be painful ads as you can skip them and they will appear only on the page of your friends' story.

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Well, relax you guys we are already very used to of this.

"According to Facebook, ads on WhatsApp Status will start appearing next year. These ads will be powered by Facebook’s own ad system and will familiarize users with businesses. The businesses may have to pay WhatsApp to show ads on the Status. And since these statuses only last for 24 hours, Facebook will end up making good money from advertising," quoted by

As Whatsapp is more personal than any other application of social media, the ads will directly attract the customers and will directly affect the business of both the parties. But you are not going to pay anything, your service won't be affected and it will remain free. Neither profit nor loss.

Soon you can also play the YouTube and Instagram videos within a chat and also Facebook introduces WhatsApp Business API recently and with this, Businesses will be able to contact users directly via chat to provide quick customer service. The chat can only start once the customer contacts the business, and if the business doesn’t reply within 24 hours, it will be charged. Again, sending messages for you will be free, but the Businesses will be charged a few cents. Several companies are already testing the new WhatsApp Business API.

Another feature, which we found really good which is you can also be able to send payments to your contacts within WhatsApp. Further testing and government approval are what the company is seeking.

Tell us in the comment section how much you like all these new features of Whatsapp.

by Soniya Kaur | Sat, Aug 04 - 04:47 PM

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