The reason behind changes in Sholay’s climax was 1971 Emergency

There are a number of tales linked to Big B and Dharmendra starrer Sholay, which is listed amongst one of the super hits movies of Bollywood.

In addition to super hit numbers and iconic dialogues, the flick was also a big hit and loved by one and all. Even today, watching Sholay is also a great fun.

The wonderful companionship between Big B and Dharmendra was the best part of this super hit movie.

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But did you aware of the fact that the original climax of the flick got modified at the concluding moment and the reason behind the modification was censor board itself?

In the actual climax, we see Sanjeev Kumar also known as Thakur makes tries to murder Amjad Khan also known as Gabbar using his feet but the police reach there and remind Thakur that law will punish him hard.

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Captivatingly, in the actual highpoint, the film producers had showcased Thakur murdering the baddie, Gabbar, because that was the proper culmination, however, the censor board was not in favour of this ending and that’s why the ace filmmaker Ramesh Sippy had to change the climax scene.

According to the vital reports, “Sippy’s original shows the Thakur killing Gabbar by kicking him into a nail stuck on the same pillars that Gabbar had tied him to when he chopped his hands off. After he kills Gabbar, he falls down with a vacant look and Veeru slowly walks up to him and drapes his shawl on him. The music reaches a melodramatic crescendo as Veeru and Thakur hug each other and cry.”

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The paper added up, “The release of Sholay coincided with the declaration of Emergency, a period marked by extreme censorship. The censor board was worried that depicting a former police officer as a vigilante would be dangerous in the context of the Emergency and demanded a change in the climax in the interests of the rule of law.”

The most interesting part is that the flick Sholay got released along with Jai Santoshi Maa, which was also a big hit at that time. In spite of hard rivalry, both the flicks performed really well at the box office.

by Vijay Singh | Wed, Jun 27 - 11:29 AM

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