Revealed! The reason behind this number inscribed on LPG Cylinder

Gas Cylinder is one of the most functional as well as a necessary item in our everyday life.

But we just take its delivery form the company and use it. We never think about the figures, numbers or wording written on it.

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 Have you ever envisaged why that number is penned on the cylinder?

The strange figure?

The number written on the cylinder shows its expiration date. It's inscribed in a secret word and we'll translate it in this article. The initial letter of the code written on the cylinder should begin with A, B, C or D and then the figure like 18, 20, 21 etc

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And after that the number will symbolize the year in which the gas cylinder would come to an end. Presume B 21 indicates the Cylinder could terminate during April to June during the year 2021.

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And if you are making use of ab expired Cylinder, you need to make contact with your gas agency immediately.

by Vijay Singh | Fri, Jun 08 - 06:08 PM

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