Watch Viral Video: Beluga Whale Gives Back a Woman’s Mobile Dropped in Ocean

We find a variety of fishes and other living organisms in the ocean. If you lose anything inside the ocean, it's truly impossible to get it back. But, here's an interesting video wherein a Beluga Whale returned back the mobile phone of a woman who dropped it in the ocean accidentally.

This incident proves that sometimes whales are helpful to human beings in this manner. As per the reports, it's the same whale which the marine experts claimed it as a spy whale. It was actually sent by the Russian Military. This video of the whale helping the woman went viral across the social media platforms.

Isa Opdahl went in a boat into the ocean alongside her friends. She dropped her mobile phone accidentally into the water. A video clip shows that the whale inside the water suddenly holds her mobile and came back to the surface of the water and returned her phone.

Soon, she took the mobile from the whale's mouth. It's a Russian whale as per the reports of Norwegian officials. They speculate that this animal might have escaped from the Russian Military and reached the ocean. Watch the video wherein we can witness the whale coming to the surface of the water in order to return back the mobile phone of Isa.

Isa Opdahl posted the same video on her Instagram handle and shared it with others. She then wrote, 'when animals are kinder than humans 💖🐳 #beluga #whale This video is being represented by LADbible Group.' She lost her mobile in the ocean near Hammerfest. There were some accusations on the whale that it was spying for Russia. However, we got reports that the spy whale was actually enjoying in Norway and spotted in Hammerfest by some people living in that place.

by Mamatha Reddy | Thu, May 09 - 03:40 PM

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