Watch Video: Tortoise Eating Dog Food at a Grocery Store Goes Viral

We all know that Tortoise is the slow-moving animal. There are several interesting tales about Tortoise that we have already listened in childhood. These days, it has become very rare for us to watch tortoise in public places. Here is a video of Tortoise eating dog food in a store becomes viral across the internet.

From the video, we can witness a tortoise eating dog food which is present in a huge sack in a grocery store. It ripped off the packet and started eating the food inside the bag calmly. Even after looking at the tortoise, the store owners or other customers didn't disturb or interrupt the tortoise from eating the food. Even, a person started filming it while Tortoise was eating the contents within the sack of dog food.

One of the persons posted this video on Twitter and wrote, 'Security to aisle 7. Shoplifting in progress. There's no rush.' People who watched the video started commenting on the video. More than 2 million people have seen the video footage posted on Twitter. The video received a plethora of reactions from the viewers on the social media platform.

One of the viewers started defending the theft and argued that it didn't compose shoplifting as the tortoise didn't run away from the store premises after eating the food. Some of the people commented that they would've paid for the items that the tortoise had consumed.

Check out the reactions of Twitterati after watching the video:

This video made my morning. I've watched it about 20 times. Especially love who he takes the biggest chomp once the camera zooms up in his face. Naughty tortoise!

There's always one that has to pick from the bottom of the pile.

He had an accomplice.

As a someone with an amateur interest in tortoise law, I don't believe that this constitutes shoplifting as my client has not yet eventually left the premises.

Let her eat! Give me the address I will pay for that thing

Requesting backup.  The suspect is large, armored, and armed with an edged weapon.

by Neetu Panwar | Wed, May 08 - 01:23 PM

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