Watch out Bollywood’s King Khan in interrogation room for Netflix series

In the first teaser of the Netflix series, Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan can be seen getting a call from an anonymous agency regarding a job opportunity and he considers it as one of the most challenging role till date. He was offered the job of an interrogator and he calmly accepts it.

He said that he is such a good actor and any role can be handled with ease by him. But, he really gets surprised after knowing that the call he received is not for a film, but for recruitment purpose from an interrogation agency.


In the second teaser of the series, we can see Shah Rukh Khan reasoning with his manager named Pooja over the phone. He is seen saying that he would not be able to play the role of an interrogator as he indeed has created an image of being a romantic hero. The next moment, Shah Rukh Khan really gets surprised as he sees Pooja in his room. He really gets confused as Pooja is in his room and the voice over the phone also claims to be Pooja. His dialogue delivery “Agar Pooja yahan hai to ye kaun hai", was very well executed by the actor.


In the third teaser, which is the latest one, Shah Rukh Khan can be seen in the interrogation room and reveals his code.

He said, "Hello Hello --Alpha Bravo Chaplin, main interrogation room mein aa chuka hoon."


He also says that he has the gun with him. He asks them whether the cameras are on and where they are fixed. He then sees the red light of the camera and states that the lighting is bit low in the room. He then sees another person with his face covered and he can be heard saying that there is already someone in the room. After this, the clip concludes and also adds a punchline that more trailers will be followed after this.

While this secret will get unknotted on August 22 and at the moment, it's hard to predict the venture considering SRK is working in several Netflix projects.

by Ricky Tandon | Thu, Aug 22 - 02:56 PM

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