‘Wake up Hyderabad Airport Authority’, Riteish Deshmukh Points Out the Maintenance at RGIA

The Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh recently tweeted about the poor maintenance at the Hyderabad Airport. Soon, the airport authorities responded to the tweet of Riteish and asked him for an apology him on Twitter. The 40-year old actor added a couple of videos on his official Twitter handle and explained the danger to the passengers.

In case, if the power goes then, people might get stuck in the elevator. He pointed out how the security personnel declined the passengers without giving permission to the passengers to open the door. Riteish added the first video and wrote, 'So we were at the Hyderabad Airport Lounge - suddenly the power goes off- the way in & out is an elevator that shuts down. The only exit door is locked in a chain (In case of FIRE it’s a tragedy waiting to happen) (sic).'

Later, he added one more video and wrote, 'Security personnel refuses to give permission to open the door at the cost of passengers missing their flight. Wake up Hyderabad airport Authority - public exits can’t be locked in case of emergencies.' The officials of Rajiv Gandhi International Airport immediately responded to Riteish Deshmukh's tweets and responded to it quickly.

They said that one could break open the glass doors in case of an emergency. The RGIA Officials wrote, 'We regret the inconvenience caused. It was a minor technical snag which was resolved immediately. Please be rest assured that our Airport Terminals are safety compliant. In an event of an emergency, the glass doors can be broken. Passenger safety is of the utmost importance to us (sic).'

Continuing their tweet, they said, 'Hi Riteish, thank you for your valuable observation. In the current set up, there is a manual lock - the key is placed in a box next to the glass door and can be accessed in case of an emergency.' After watching the video on Twitter, people also reacted to the situation. Some of them tweeted as follows:

That’s not only in Hyderabad airport...I saw this kind of “chain-locked” door in Kolkata airport as well....and yes these doors are not “meant” to be unlocked in any circumstances!!!

It’s India, not Europe. They don’t know what to follow what not to follow. They don’t do the drill, no safety seminars, no professional attitude. They need some serious education in each field.

by Neetu Panwar | Tue, May 28 - 04:48 PM

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