Viral ‘Mature Guy’ Is Back with Some Serious Style Advice

Lately, we have come across people that are becoming overnight sensations for some or the other reason.  Internet seems to have made its mind to do it that way.  Couple of weeks ago, a hilarious video of a random guy talking about something called a 'mature bag' made headlines and now the same guy has become so famous that he actually landed a deal with a famous clothing line. Yes!  You read it right.  The mature bag guy once again became famous for his yet another video that has gone viral overnight making him overnight sensation.

In the new video, the boy was seen giving fashion advice to people walking in and out of the store.  Surprisingly, the video is a scripted one and it is a promotional video for a clothing brand.  In the video, the guy can be seen telling people about the combinations of trousers and shirt and the perfect pair of sneakers to go with it.  He has superb fashion ideas to give to the college going students out there and covered casual look, beach look to the sporty look in the video in his usual mature way.

Mature guy talks about the combinations of shirts and trousers in the new video

In the video, we can observe the guy wearing the ‘mature bag’ that made him an overnight star all through.  From the video shared, the most 'mature' take away is to always keep a colourful beachy shirt handy, even if the impromptu Goa plan never happens. He says, 'aap safe side pe khelo and ek aisi shirt lelo.'

In his previous video that went viral, his advice was to ditch bags that are carried in school and instead opt for mature bags that are 'classy' looking leather and can be bought off Amazon.  This mature bag is a leather backpack available on Amazon for Rs 1,500. Amazon took this opportunity and shared a link to same item.

As soon as the video created a mini storm in the internet, Mumbai cops, known for using viral social media trends to post safety and security messages, also posted a witty meme.  They tweeted, “Nothing makes a person more attractive than his/her alertness towards keeping the city safe. #Dial100.”

by Neetu Panwar | Sat, Aug 03 - 02:48 PM

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