A village in MP prepares food by using solar energy

With the advancements in the technology, India is progressing. There are many great steps taken by the government and the people to do something rare that saves time, money and also help out humans. As working on a wood stove is prominent in villages here and also some houses use LPG gas cylinders it is quite a difficult and money consuming task. Isn’t?

In order to distance people from wooden stoves and cylinders, a village in Madhya Pradesh is using solar energy for cooking food. Yes, Bancha in MP's Betulis the first village in the entire country to use solar panels. All the houses here in the village prepare food using solar energy with the help of panels. It is a past of the research by the IIT Mumbai’s technical team to construct the solar panels in the village. Now, as villagers say there is no more need to cut out wooden log  for stove. With the construction mod stoves, it has become easy for locals to cook food. Isn’t it great news?

Talking to ANI one of the residents said: “We don't have to go to forests and spend time collecting woods for fire anymore. Utensils and walls don't get blackened now. Food also gets cooked on time. It saves a lot of effort and time.”

According to a recent report published by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), India has now become the lowest cost producer of solar power. As per the report, the cost of renewable energy sources came down again in 2018 and this trend was not limited to India as renewable energy sources witnessed cost declines all over the globe.

By the year 2022, India is planning out to achieve the dream of producing 100 GW solar energy.

From the last few years, India is progressing in the solar power generation and is aggressive about the renewable energy. The construction of solar panels is the great idea for the benefits of people who find difficult working on wooden stoves.

by Mamatha Reddy | Fri, Jun 07 - 06:37 PM

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