Video: Smoking v/s non-smoking lungs is going viral; will make everyone hate it immediately

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health, everyone knows that but nobody actually understands and takes the warning seriously unless it is too late. There are commercials and other ads coming on TV, theatres and on social media that show the harm caused by smoking cigarettes.

But people are very adamant to stop smoking and they just ignore the warnings coming their way through such advertisements. The ads that pop up before the start of any movie and at intervals has been taken as a joke and people fail to motive the actual intention behind the ad.

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Not anymore will this happen as the North Carolina based nurse Amanda Eller had taken an extreme step as she posted a couple of videos on her Facebook social site that is going viral.

These videos might make you quit smoking now and I request you to watch it and share it further also. In the video, the nurse had staked out the difference between a pair of black colour cancer-ridden lungs and other a normal and healthy pair of lungs. The video of this difference between the healthy and cancer lungs is going viral and is raising several questions to be answered.

The one question aroused after the video was, “CANCEROUS, 1 PACKS PER DAY FOR 20 YEARS LUNGS VERSUS HEALTHY LUNGS. STILL WANNA SMOKE?”

Now coming to the video that has gone viral and had collected almost 3,500,968 views in less span of time, the nurse points out the difference between cancer affected lungs and she clearly mentions how these lungs have lofted their elasticity and how the shape of such lungs have got deflated with recoil when the air passes out.

On the other side, she shows the healthy pair of lungs which is very much healthier and is all set for exhalation.  The video was posted last week where a more than 4 crore person has viewed the video and this is why the world will now celebrate the World No Tobacco Day on May 31st.

If you are among the one who smokes cigars, it is a kind request that one watch the video.

Try to understand the message that is passed from the video and say no to tobacco and smoking.

by Vijay Singh | Thu, May 03 - 01:03 PM

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