Video: Fans clean stadium after winning the match at FIFA World Cup


We all crave for a clean environment but none of us actually make efforts for the same. We all wait for others to make the efforts, while we forget that it is our responsibility too. We do not realise that a small step of ours can bring some change in the current state of environment and society.

However, we appreciate those who have realised their responsibility and working towards it. A video is currently surfacing the micro-blogging site Twitter, where Senegal⁠ fans can be seen cleaning their section before leaving the stadium after their historic victory against Poland.

Have a look:

The video is going viral as it has been liked and re-tweeted several times including the celebs who are appreciating the step.

Bollywood actress Yami Gautam re-tweeted the video and wrote, "You can do your bit anytime anywhere..... even at a football stadium after a terrific win !! Way to go "

Rajdeep Sardesai wrote, "What India could learn from tiny Senegal!"

Recently, Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma was trolled and slammed after she gave a lesson to the man throwing plastic on streets, and Virat Kohli recorded it and uploaded on social media. The man was apparently littering on the streets out of the window of his luxury car. Anushka asked 'Why are you throwing plastic on the road?' When the man replied with silence, Anushka concluded by saying 'Use Dustbin'.

It's time for us to understand our bit of duty. It's a wake-up call for every Indian to contribute towards a cleaner environment before we end up making this world a big trash dump like we have already done with Mount Everest.

by Admin | Wed, Jun 20 - 05:22 PM

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