Video of Chinese building floating in river has taken internet by storm

In the Yangtze river of China, a 5-storey building is cruising and its video has taken the internet by storm. It is nothing like we have ever seen earlier.


The video, which is now making rounds, was originally shot in November 2018. Recently, it was tweeted again by a Twitter user, Massimo. He wrote that these things happen in China. A five-story building was spotted cruising along the Yangtze River back in November 2018. The building was actually a floating restaurant. Authorities said the restaurant needed to relocate due to the changes in policies.


Reportedly, the 5-storey building was actually a floating restaurant, which needed to move from its original location because of change in certain policies. So, it was pushed along the river by a pair of boats to its new location as the restaurant had no power.

This antique video has left the netizens amazed. The video has opened the gates to some of the most funny memes that we have ever seen. Let’s have a look at the comments on the thread –

A Twitter user commented saying that it is a massive restaurant regardless of its floatation ability and another said, when traffic does not move, we move the buildings to reach you and there have been many more comments which have been posted in a funny mood. Yet another user has commented calling it Futuristic. He said, now we need not to worry of raising sea level due to global warming and also the builder need to be awarded.


by Lokendra Sharma | Thu, Aug 01 - 03:52 PM

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