Video of China’s 5-storey building cruising on Yangtze River shocks netizens

We all have seen ships and boats floating on the water till now. But we might not have heard about an entire building floating on the water and cruising down. But the fact is that, this scenario is something that happened recently in China. A video of a five storey building has been visible on the internet and the building is seen floating down the Yangtze River in the southwest part of China. The video really took the internet by storm and the online users are really surprised and stunned at the sight of the massive building floating down the river.


As per the reports, the incident indeed took place and went viral on the internet, especially on Twitter.

Twitter user @Rainmaker1973 reposted it and wrote, “Things that happen in China. A five-story ‘building’ was spotted cruising along the Yangtze River back in November 2018.”


Another YouTube channel reported that a restaurant resembling a five storey building was spotted flowing down the river in Chongqing. This unusual sight took place as the local authorities had removed various floating restaurants that were present along the Yangtze. As per the reports, it was indeed a floating restaurant, which had to be replaced to another location by the authorities.

Finally, the floating restaurant had to be tugged by boats and carry it to a new location.  The floating building had no power, and it had to be pushed forward to another location with a pair of boats. But the video shared on the internet really made the viewers’ go made and everyone was amused at the sight of such a huge building complex floating in the water. The video went viral on the internet and from the comments, we could get a fair idea about the astonishment of the netizens from across the world.

by Ricky Tandon | Wed, Jul 31 - 12:56 PM

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