Uttar Pradesh Man Is Making Paper Pens To Save Environment From Plastic

The world is currently facing huge environment crisis. The natural resources are depleting at a steady rate, water bodies are polluted, the air we breathe is not fresh anymore, glaciers are melting, and the world is experiencing major climatic changes. However, people are now taking baby steps to tackle these problems. If we talk about India, certain state governments have announced a ban on plastic already, while as individuals, people are beginning to understand their share of responsibility as well.

A man from Uttar Pradesh, is making paper pens to reduce the usage of plastic. The man named Krishna Bihari from Dalmau's Kandeshwari Ashram has started making pen from paper. And on top of it, he is distributing them for free.

Speaking to news agency ANI, he said, "Plastic pollutes the environment. So I started this. People help me. We are distributing pens free of cost but some people give me money and ask me to take this initiative forward."

He also said, "The Government also wants us to not use plastic, hence, I am trying to make pens out of plastic as it is biodegradable. And, it would not pollute the environment. This also provides some employment to some."

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There are people from Ashram who help him in manufacturing the pens on daily basis. In return they are paid which acts as a motivation to them. A person, who helps in making pen says, "We are making these pens out of discarded newspapers, which is better than using plastic as it does not pollute the environment."

Another worker said, "Women are provided with employment opportunities, which also motivate them to come and work. We have made almost 400 pens so far."

Though the step is small, but is appreciable. As they say, "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."

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