Urban Ladder aims to augment customer’s shopping experience, online as well as offline

Established during the year 2012, Urban Ladder has become the country’s top-notch e-commerce companies providing furnishings, interior decoration as well as related design services. But like other e-tailers recently Bengaluru-based Urban Ladder is also discussing the significance of physical store.

Urban Ladder, which is an omnichannel contestant, serves over 3,00,000 clients on the web. Over 5 to 10% of their viewers also pays a visit to their stores situated in Bengaluru and Delhi. They boast of around 5 stores.

Rajiv Srivatsa, Co-founder of Urban Ladder, talked on how consumption in the country is altering and how youngsters are shopping.

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When asked how consumption is rising in India, Rajiv Srivatsa answered that during the past 6 year period the housing had experienced diverse cycles.

“There has also been a significant rise in salaries, there are several brands coming up in India. The pie of retail pie has seen so many Indian brands such as Wrogn and GoColors emerge. It is a very strong story for the Indian economy. In furniture we will go to see a lot of international players come into the market; there will be Indian brands too,” Rajiv added.

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When Rajeev was asked to talk over their clients’ journey, he said that they concentrated on repeat businesses as people prefer web service to buy coffee tables to beds and larger ticket-size items. They also commenced moving online and the client is returning to them on a regular basis.

He said that they will open stores with sizes of 5,000 square feet as some of the clients want to touch a thing and check out their superiority.

He added that they aim to augment the customer’s shopping experience, online as well as offline.

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When asked how do you look at the design and audience conversion, he answered, “Our products are modern and designed for India. We offer aesthetic design and great customer service. We understand the customer lifecycle when they come online; this is what makes us a strong omnichannel retailer. Of the 300,000 visitors that come online every month, we need 10 per cent of them to come to a store for our stores to break even.”

He stated that their target section is already acknowledged at the moment and they have grown-up with their expansion. They are no longer spending too much to enlighten people what Urban Ladder is.

by Vijay Singh | Wed, Jul 11 - 01:50 PM

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