UP 12th Class Student Jai Prakash Transforms an Old Bicycle into a Garbage Machine

We often witness wonder kids in the world who makes outstanding things. Using some garbage stuff, some of them build wonderful things. Here is a 12th class student from Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh who has transformed an old bicycle into an extraordinary waste collection machine. Jai Prakash is the son of an electrician who purchased an old cycle using his pocket money. Later, he developed an exceptional machine from the welding shop of his uncle in just 7 months.

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The Uttar Pradesh Science and Technology Council praised his work and asked the Department of Mechanical Engineering of IIT BHU so as to analyze the machine. Even, the council has congratulated Jai Prakash for his excellent creation at Sir JC Bose Exhibition. That particular thing assisted the boy to grant his waste collection machine.

Speaking about the machine, Jai Prakash said that he got inspiration from the 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' and developed this machine for the sanitary workers. Sushil Pandey, the District Coordinator of Mirzapur Science Club said, 'BHU scientists are working on Jai Prakash's invention. After some modifications, it could be used for garbage collection from city streets.'

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From the video, we can witness Jai Prakash cycling the garbage machine. While cycling the machine, it starts collecting the waste material present on roads. He struggled for more than 7 months in order to construct this machine for public usage.

The significance of this machine is that it works by collecting the waste material within a less span of time in comparison with the traditional ways of collecting the garbage. After knowing this news about Jai Prakash on social media, people have started congratulating him across different social networking websites.

Everyone is highly impressed with the innovative work developed by a 12th class student in a small city of Uttar Pradesh State. There are several hidden talents among the kids across the world. The Government must look after such kids and encourage them to creating much more innovative things. We are proud of this young kid for his wonderful innovation.

by Neetu Panwar | Thu, May 09 - 10:29 AM

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