The unusual villages in India that are Unique In Their Own Way

India is a country filled with villages and each of the villages is unique in its own way.  Today we will be sharing with you about 11 unusual yet unique villages in India.

  1. Shani Shingnapur, Maharashtra

This village in Maharashtra has no doors at all. It is impossible to imagine a house without a door, but surprisingly no house or even a bank in this village has a door. They don't even hide their valuable belongings in safe place, they just put them in open.

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  1. Kodinhi, Kerala

This village has more than 400 twins.  The village has over  2500 people living in this village out of which 414 were born as twins or triplets.  The village also has highest twinning rates in the world.  No research has found the exact reason behind this miracle.

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  1. Shetpal, Maharashtra

In this village, snakes live as a part of the family. It is a common view in the village to see Cobras roaming around even in the houses. They even have resting place built in the house.

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  1. Mattur, Karnataka

The village is full of people who speak perfect Sanskrit.  In the village, more than 90% of the people speak in Sanskrit in their daily lives.

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  1. Rongdoi, Assam

In this village, frogs are married off for rainfall.  India stands first when it comes to beliefs. The village of Rongdoi follows a ritual of marrying off wild frogs in order to please the 'God of rain'.

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  1. Barwaan Kala, Bihar

The village is also called as a village of bachelors. Our country is known for huge weddings, but this village of Barwaan Kala acts out of the tradition. The village hasn't witnessed a single wedding in last 50 years. The village has more than 150 bachelors in the age group 16-80.

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  1. Kuldhara. Rajasthan

The village is said to be haunted as it is cursed. The village is abandoned due to the curse received from Paliwal Brahmins. The village remains haunted even today as per the locals.

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  1. Punsari, Gujarat

This village has WiFi, CCTV cameras, solar-powered street lights, health centers, and everything that is present in a developed city.

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  1. Hiware Bazaar, Maharashtra

This is the village in Maharashtra is full of millionaires. The village has no poor people living in it.  It is the richest village in India. Out of 235 families living in the village, 60 are millionaires.

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  1. Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

This village is Asia's cleanest village. Even before the Swachh Bharat initiative came into existence, this village has made the entire country proud by securing the 'Asia's cleanest village' title.

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  1. Jambur, Gujarat

In the village lives Siddi tribe who look so much like Africans. The village is located in dense forests and gives the feel of Africa.

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by Vijay Singh | Mon, May 28 - 05:58 PM

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