Two IIT-Bombay Students Began ‘The Minimalist’ To Give It A Different Take

The Minimalist was started as a Facebook page for interesting content when organizers Chirag Gander and Sahil Vaidya were yet to graduate as engineers. It, soon evolved into a design and digital consultancy, as they spotted an opportunity. Now it works with brands like Berkshire Hathaway, Coca-Cola, Dow Chemical, Abbott, among others.

Both Chirag Gander and Sahil Vaidya, batchmates at IIT Bombay were just twenty years old when they started this venture but had one major stress. They didn't exactly have the experience in the digital design and communication field. Will the market consider us important? That was the inquiry that frightened them. What were two specialists - one qualified in chemical and the other in energy, doing in the field of the designing?

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The duo, now in their mid-twenties, first met during a trip for an internship in the third year of college.

Sahil says, “I had heard a lot about the enthusiasm and buzz Chirag was creating through his designs and on meeting him I understood that he wanted to create an impact through designs. I, on the other hand, was interested in music and used to play the drums. At the same time, I would also write humorous content.”

Chirag said, “The content we began producing was attention-grabbing, often went viral and soon started having a following of its own. We hence began focusing on design thinking as it set us apart from the rest.”

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While there was and is awesome and fascinating work being done in the creative space, Chirag and Sahil trusted that by joining their creative skills, they could present an exceptional arrangement of narrating through a minimalistic visual content, that said a ton without making a decent attempt.

“Although we both were still studying, we knew that the idea and concept had great potential. With zero investment, we started off with a Facebook page and gradually built The Minimalist into a sustainable and profitable business,” Chirag says.

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In any case, it is no simple to begin a business without any preparation, particularly when the founders had little understanding to fall back on.

Chirag said, “Considering both of us came from an engineering background, we had very little knowledge about how the industry functioned, what clients were scouting for, what agencies were offering etc. Moreover, the concept of starting and running a company was fresh to us. We were however driven and persistent to make this work and there has been no looking back.”

by Vijay Singh | Fri, Jul 06 - 01:17 PM

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