Twinkle Khanna Doesn’t like One Thing from Akshay Kumar’s Wardrobe

Twinkle Khanna, quite popular with the name Mrs. FunnyBones has revealed some interesting facts about her husband. In recent times, the couple gave answers to some of the questions from the media. Now, the answers given by Twinkle turned viral across social media. Several times, Twinkle pulled her hubby's leg in order to win her conversation and got accolades from the public.

In the recent awards show, the actress cum writer made fun of her husband Akshay Kumar. During the show, Akshay was asked whether there is the influence of Twinkle on his style during public appearances. To that question, he immediately answered 100%'. On the other hand, Twinkle caught the point and opposed Akshay's answer.

She then said, 'Not at all. He has more shoes than me. He's got pants pink, green, lilac, dark purple, yellow.' For that, Akshay said, 'Didn't you tell me to buy that?' The writer then answered 'I did but I didn't tell you to buy the whole rainbow.'

When the couple was asked about the one who takes a longer time to get ready. For that, Twinkle Khanna said, ‘I do. He is very quick but he also has a room that is dedicated to his clothes. It is altered to his fashion sense. He has got 11 people who help him get ready, I have no one. So yeah, I do take a bit longer but in the circumstances it is understandable.’

She then disclosed the one thing that she doesn't like from the wardrobe of Akshay are the tracks pants and hoodies. She actually thought of cutting them and gets rid of them so that he couldn't wear it anytime. Supporting the same, Akshay said that she doesn't like his track pants and hoodies.

However, he tries to make her understand that he has many comforts in that outfit. He said, 'Mera kaam he Saara din bhagna, kudna ka hai. So I prefer wearing a track pant and a hoodie.' Twinkle had several things in Akshay that she doesn't like. However, she said that she has been controlling herself without revealing all those things.

by Neetu Panwar | Thu, Apr 11 - 11:00 AM

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