Hina Khan On Eid: It Takes Back Many Memories From My Childhood In Srinagar

Hina Khan is always in news, sometime for her style or sometime for her statements but today she is ruling the headline with her memories of Eid from childhood in Srinagar. She remembered the time when she dressed specially for the day and had the first meal with her cousins.

When she was asked about her Eid plans, she revealed, "I want to dress up this time! I want to recreate my childhood memories. When we were younger we would love to get dressed. But now you're a celebrity, you know how much we dress regularly so that kind of takes away the charm. Haan, chalo, phirse, roz hello map hain! But this time I really want to make an effort and dress up. We will have Khana together, we will be clean khurma and a good lunch."

Well, she has so many memories from her childhood when she celebrated Eid in Srinagar, "I have many childhood memories from Eid. I remember, I shocked Eid abhi gayi, we used to wait for chand and wish ki kisi tarah see chand dikh jaye so we could wear our new dresses the next day. We used to wear new clothes, new shoes and carry new bags. It used to be super fun to compare and compete with the cousins to be the best dressed."

"Then it was the most important eidi. We used to look forward to it, and also do a lot of Jhol in Eidi. If someone would give us Rs 500, we used to tell Mom that we only got Rs 200. We would do it and keep extra money with ourselves, "she added.

Being an Indian, we all wait for the festival to eat sweets and lots of desserts and Hina too has some memories that too, she said, "I remember Bakra Eid pe, chhote chhote bitch ke bante thay, we used to grill them and my nani used to do different types of chutneys. It's a memory that I can not forget, nor can I forget that flavor."

Hina says, "The whole family must be together and it's very elaborate – you have tea, coffee, a lot of pastries. We used to have a pig in the morning and the guests would keep coming all day. We waited for the guests to come and fight the cousins limka karaja and that was not so good. Aur phir khane made thay. Mom used to say that it was so good that the guests were on their way home, kyun itna kha rahe ho? We knew she could not say anything to the guests so we used to eat with them too! "

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by Admin | Wed, Aug 22 - 11:31 AM

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