Trust In Humanity Has Been Restored As Pics Of A Man Helping A Beggar Has Gone Viral

So this is a story of how a man helped a beggar and groomed him to an extent that one will still restore their faith in humanity.

Here is what the man said:

"I had just left my job and stopped drinking juice because of the sugarcane juice in the way. A beggar came and stood in front of the juice barrel. I asked him if he would like to drink the juice? He shook his neck and said yes. I told the shopkeeper to make 2 glasses of juice. As soon as he entered, there was a bad odour coming from him. His hair was long, had a messy beard and he had hungry for many days."

"I asked him to sit behind my scooter and took him to a barber. One barber refused so I took him to another barber. He cut his hair short and I asked him to cut it with a machine."

"I took a new undergarment from the shop and soap for bathing. I gave him my old clothes. After cutting hair, when I took him so he could take a shower, he refused to move. When I spoke with anger, he agreed and I was amazed to see him when I rolled his clothes to shake."

"He was mentally disturbed and used to do stool urine in the clothed which came out of the way through the pants. The stool was full of rubbish and on the whole body which was rubbed with stones."

"I was alone and rest of the people were just watching from a distance. Among them were 1 - 2 compassionate people came forward and supported me. After bathing, I got to know that there was a deep injury on his head. Then I took him to a nearby clinic and got it cured. I fed him and bid goodbye and went ahead with my work."

The message:

"From my busy schedule, I spent just 2 hours and spent only Rs 400-500. I could not write it for more than a few days, but for some days like hell, I could succeed in giving a life like a man and after that, I could not write the satisfaction I got. There are many people around you, just for one hour of humanity, because the service of humanity is the biggest religion."

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