Times When Rahul Gandhi’s Words Were Wiser Than We Ever Thought It Would Be

Rahul Gandhi is a known name in our country. He is the son of Sonia and Rajiv Gandhi and also the President of the Indian National Congress. Rahul serves such additional offices as the Chairperson of the Indian Youth Congress and the National Students Union of India.

The Indian politician is also one of the most eligible bachelors in our country and turned 48 recently. However, he doesn’t look 48.

Rahul, just like his family has been a part of politics since so many years and has come a long way.

In this article, let us tell you how Rahul is way too matured and knowledgeable than his age and some quotes of his does make sense and are inspirational enough.

  1. “Abhi Mani Andar Gaya, Ek Chota Sa Bachcha Tha, Shayad Itna Bada”

In this small sentence, Rahul said everything. Maybe, he is indirectly taunting his rival and calling him a kid.

  1. “7 mein se 10 yuvaon ko drug ki problem hain”

He is defining the state of today’s generation by being mathematical and seems it makes sense.

He further said, “Ek Mein Se Do Bachche Bhookhe Hain”

Well, this is absolutely true!

  1. “If they allow me to speak in the Parliament, you’ll see what an earthquake is going to happen”

He means that he is waiting for the right moment and wants to talk his heart out.

  1. “Poverty is just a state of mind, it does not mean the scarcity of food, money or material things. If one possesses self-confidence, then come can overcome poverty”

He redefined poverty with such a powerful statement.

  1. “Congress is a funny party. We create new rules every two minutes and then dump them. Nobody knows the rules in the party.”

This shows that how they function in their party is completely different from others.


  1. “Coco Cola shuru karne wala shikanji bechne wala ek vyakti tha”

Here he tried saying, koi dhanda chota ya bada nai hota” Well done, Rahul!

  1. “Gujarat is bigger than United Kingdom. India is bigger than Europe and USA put together.”

When he decided to correct everybody's Geography all by himself.

  1. “Politics is everywhere, it’s in your shirts, it’s in your pants, it’s everywhere”

Rahul’s this statement proves that politics is omnipresent.

So folks, what do you think about Rahul’s quotes? Share your views with us in comments.

by Vijay Singh | Wed, Jun 27 - 03:41 PM

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