TikTok’s Latest Bright Eye Challenge Goes Viral on the Internet

TikTok has turned out to become one of the highly popular apps on the internet. People have become accustomed to this app due to its simple user interface and the ability of the folks to make videos. In recent times, Madras High Court has passed an order regarding the ban of TikTok app. Google and Apple have removed the apps from their respective app stores.

It means that all the existing users of TikTok could use this app. But, there is no possibility for the new users to download this app from the app store. They might find that the app has been blocked. On 22nd April 2019, the Supreme Court has directed that it would give away its final hearing on 24th April.

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People have been believing that there is a massive impact on the public due to this app's content. In recent times, a new #BrightEye challenge has become popular on TikTok. In this challenge, the users need to grab the jelly, bleach, shaving cream and hand sanitizer and place it within a plastic Ziploc bag. Later, they must hold the bag against their eyes for about a minute.

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As per the reports, by holding the bleach bag over an eye, it might change the color of the eye. Most of the common people have been seeking to try out this on TikTok. In fact, it's a fake video. Even if you hold a bag of bleach on your eye, it doesn't bring any change in the color of your eye. It's actually a trick done through some editing kills on the eyes. It is a dangerous challenge which is a risky thing for the people.

If you are not aware then, you need to check out this post. If you place a chlorine-based chemical such as the bleach on your eye then, it could damage the skin area permanently leading to complete eye damage. In case, if the bleach enters the eye then, it could ultimately lead to the loss of eyesight in an individual. Hence, it is a suggestion for all the folks out there not to attempt any such challenges on TikTok as it could harm your life.

by Neetu Panwar | Tue, Apr 23 - 11:03 AM

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