TikTok is Now Available in India, Madras High Court Allows People to Download the App

For a long time, issues have been going on regarding the TikTok app and its influence on the public. Earlier, the Madras High Court has decided to remove TikTok app from the app stores in India. Following the same, the Apple iTunes and Google Play Store app stores have removed this Chinese app from the stores. After the order from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the TikTok app has been removed from the app stores. It took place soon after the High Court in Madras considered the app's content comprises illicit content and pornography.

This particular judgement hit the Chinese app owner ByteDance. However, the company officials told the court that it would ultimately result in the loss of $500000 per day and making 250 employees jobless. In India, there are more than 300 million active users of TikTok app. The court has postponed its final judgement on 24th April 2019. Yesterday, the Madras High Court Justice N Kirubakaran and SS Sundar listened to the submissions of the TikTok app and its rivals.

After a careful discussion, the High Court has finally decided to lift up the prohibition of this app on downloading the TikTok app from the two app stores in the country. The petition against the TikTok app emphasized on the truth that there is a unique system in it that helps stopping the obscene and offensive content appearing in the app. During the arguments, it has become clear that Article 19 (1) of the Constitution protects the online speech. Hence, the thing which is getting permission from the law shouldn't become illegal.

The company’s' filing says, ‘Removing [TikTok] has had adverse impact on the user base of this app, losing close to 1 million new users per day. It is estimated that approximately six million requests for downloads could not be effected since the forbid came into effect.'

by Mamatha Reddy | Thu, Apr 25 - 11:50 AM

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