TikTok app gets clearance from Madras HC, but the app is still unavailable for download in app stores

TikTok app is one of the most trending and popular apps in both Google and iOS app stores.  The app is being used by the people crazily for the ultimate features it offers.  From celebs to common citizens in the country, everyone are after the TikTok app doing dubsmashes and posting them online for everyone out there to watch.

The most popular TikTok app was banned by the Madras High Court last week following which it was taken down from Android and iOS app stores.  Couple of days later, the ban was lifted citing a hearing on the issue in the court.  Nevertheless, the TikTok app still remains unavailable in the app stores for download.

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Earlier this month, Madras High Court issued an interim ban on the app and in the last week orders were passed to the popular app stores to take down the app from their respective platforms.  According to Madras HC, the app contains "inappropriate and vulgar content" and was harmful to children.

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Ban on TikTok app gets lifted

However, the ban did not last long and the HC eventually lifted it couple of days ago.  The HC decided to lift the ban after hearing the arguments stating that banning a single app constitutes a violation of the right to freedom of expression.  However, as it has been just two days, it seems no official announcement has been made to the app stores to make the TikTok app available.

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Also, Google and Apple are not ready to restore the app online in their respective platforms as there might be a risk associated with its restoring.  So, for now it is clear that the users cannot access the TikTok app on either of the app stores for download.  However, even during the ban period, users who already had it instlled in their devices used it normally.

For now we suggest our readers not to hurry and download the apk file of TikTok app from a third party website as it could result in virus download.  You might end up downloading a malware and virus filled apk.

by Neetu Panwar | Sat, Apr 27 - 11:16 AM

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