Throwback: Shatrughan On Returning Abhi-Ash Wedding Card: Jab Bulaaya Nahin Phir Mithai Kis Baat Ki

Bollywood stars Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan are loved and praised by the entire nation. Abhi and Ash have been shelling out perfect couple goals with their ideal married life. But their wedding ceremony was not a bed-of-roses. A lot of names from Bollywood including their co-stars and besties got left out from the guests' list. There was a lot of hue-and-cry over why few names made it to the marriage and few didn't.

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While a lot of people remained mum, there were few who talked about not being invited to the Abhi-Ash marriage. Rani Mukerji and Shatrughan Sinha shared their views on the same. The Bachchan family had forwarded sweet packets to the guests they couldn't invite, but Big B’s enemy Shatrughan Sinha sent the sweet box back. On KJo’s talk show Koffee with Karan, Abhishek stated that his grandma was not well and was hospitalized; hence they wished to keep the wedding private. While sharing his views on Shatrughan Sinha sending back the sweets, Abhi stated that it was his decision and it was fair enough.

"Very honestly, people are forgetting a very, very major reason why our family wanted to keep it very intimate. There was an ailing grandmother at the hospital and my father said that 'you know, we do not feel good about going out there and having a big celebration.' Did I want to invite? Did my family want to invite? Did her family want to invite the entire world? Yes. But our parents, all together, sent out a card seeking the blessings of everybody. And everybody was ok with that except for one person who returned that. And that was fine. That was Shatrughan uncle, he returned the card and that was fine. We accepted it back. You can't please everyone. He is a very senior person and he is entitled to his opinion. If he hasn't managed to see that thing and he has found some fault in it, then we are sorry for that. Very truly sorry as the intention was not to hurt anyone'', Abhishek said.


An annoyed Shatrughan Sinha told media people, "Jab bulaaya nahin phir mithai kis baat ki? Amitabh had said those who had not been invited were not his friends in the first place. I won't be put in second place and embarrass him by accepting the sweets. The least I expected was that either Amitabh or someone from the family would call me up before sending the sweets. When that was not done, why the mithai? Hema Malini was not invited, neither were Dharmendra and Ramesh Sippy. Half of the industry that has stood by the Bachchans through thick and thin was not invited. All of us are currently in second place as Amitabh is being guided by a misguided missile called Amar Singh.''

by Ricky Tandon | Mon, Mar 23 - 06:41 PM

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