Throwback to Ajay Devgn denied writing any love letters to Raveena Tandon

In the mid-90s, Ajay Devgn and Raveena Tandon got included an open spat of words which made a ton of commotion in the business after their unpleasant detachment.

We all know Ajay Devgn as a prankster yet very few would realize that he had been known as women's man during the 90s gratitude to his dazzling character and inebriating eyes. Furthermore, out of all romantic tales and connection ups, Ajay and Raveena Tandon's supposed relationship had been the most disputable one.

In the mid-90s, Ajay and Raveena, who apparently hit it off during Dilwale shoot, had bolted horns with one another after Ajay purportedly dumped Raveena for his sentimental tendency to Karisma Kapoor. After their unpleasant detachment, the two got included an open spat of words which made a ton of commotion in the business.

Raveena was supposedly so grief-stricken that she even endeavored to kick the bucket and Ajay proceeded to encourage Raveena to counsel a therapist. The Mohra entertainer had asserted that they had even traded love letters to demonstrate their relationship. In any case, Ajay had called Raveena's cases as a fabrication of her creative mind and even tested Raveena to distribute those adoration letters in the media too.

"Letters? Ha! What letters? Tell that young lady that she ought to feel free to distribute those letters, even I need to pursue the fabrication of her creative mind! Our families have known each other for quite a long time, she used to approach our place since she's a companion of my sister Neelam. When she began carrying on severely, we couldn't toss her out. Really? I was never near her. Ask her, in the event that I've at any point rung her or conversed with her all alone. She's simply attempting to get exposure by connecting her name with mine. Her supposed endeavor was additionally a publicity stunt," Ajay Devgn had said in a 1994 meeting to the main distribution.

On one hand, Raveena was attempting to demonstrate they were seeing someone, then again, had carefully denied having any sentimental tendency towards her.

by Lokendra Sharma | Sat, Sep 14 - 01:35 PM

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