MultiFit: A Startup That Is Bringing A New Change In The Fitness Industry

Being fit is an important part of human life. You can’t be careless about your health. Also, staying healthy doesn’t mean you just need to eat healthy. Inculcating various forms of exercise is also important to strike a balance between healthy and fit life. However, majorly people do weight training to lose weight. But that is not right and we will tell you how.

A start-up called MultiFit works on the principal that the man is a social animal and we operate the best in communities, the heart of the operating model is customer engagement and community building.

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MultiFit was founded in the year 2012 by Dr Samir Kapoor and Sally Jones Kapoor.

When asked the founder about how they got the idea of starting this firm, he said, “My corporate job used to limit my visits to the gym, as eventually, from being a regular visitor, I entirely stopped visiting the gym, due to my long work hours. It took close to 8 years to realise that I cannot take my health for granted and pushed myself to get back to a gym nearby. This was when I began to question the monotonous functioning of gyms as even after eight years, nothing had changed in them. This is when I met Sally Jones who was an athlete, she played net ball for Manchster, we spoke about the India fitness Industry for days or and then I along with her decided to do something different for the Indian Fitness Industry. It was her insights into how athletes train that stood responsible for the creation of what we know as ‘MultiFit’ today.”

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On being asked what different thing they are providing his customers, he said, “I meet a lot of people who question how a gym can be innovative, the usual first statement is “What can be different in a gym…a gym is treadmills and cross-trainer and this is where I interrupt and say, “Well we have 30 Gyms not a single treadmill or a cross-trainer.”

He further said, “We offer Calisthenics, Boxing, Dancing, HIIT, Mixed Martial Arts and many more workouts which ensure that your sessions are never boring. This diversity allows us to maintain a sustained interest in the customers and mentally pushes them to learn more and do more. Our Aim is to make fitness at par with your favourite sport.”

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Further revealing about the financing method they chose for their start-up, Samir said, “MultiFit is a 100 per cent self-funded venture. Due to the corporate jobs that both Sally and I had, we had enough savings to invest in opening the first branch of MultiFit and thus money started flowing in eventually.”

Lastly, revealing about his ultimate vision, he said, “MultiFit aims to be a pioneer in the wellness industry by making fitness a lifestyle choice of every individual we engage. We aim to change the face of the fitness Industry. Our ultimate vision is to have an India that is aware of the importance of fitness and works towards achieving the same. MultiFit aims to use the Functional Fitness model and expand that idea, helping people adopt a healthy lifestyle which would ensure longevity of a healthy living for all. We plan to continue expanding our centres across India, attracting audiences and evolving the narrow idea of fitness throughout.”

by Vijay Singh | Sat, Jul 07 - 03:02 PM

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