Things that Akshay Kumar does to keep himself fit even at 53

Akshay Kumar is one of finest action heroes we have in Bollywood. The Khiladi actor goes to any extent to bring perfectness in the action sequences he does. Though he was a black belt holder in Taekwondo and has love for martial arts and fitness, at the age of 53, it is really something big that he has achieved. If you want to know the things that made him stay fit all the time, you need to give this article a read that mentions Akki’s fitness regimen and workout sessions.

  1. Martial arts

Akshay Kumar is well versed with Taekwondo and Muay Thai and often practices his kicking and punching skills at the gym. Earlier, the popular bottle cap challenge was performed by the actor with an ease leaving all the others surprised.

  1. Swimming with weights

Swimming itself is an effective physical activity. But Akshay does swimming with weights to make it more effective.  Akshay Kumar doing swimming with weights looks as if he is chilling in a bath tub.

  1. Cycling without hands

Akki likes to take up challenges in anything. In this video, he is cycling without his hands, while he throws a few punches. Without the use of hands, cycling requires a lot of core strength and stability.

  1. Playing sports

Playing sports is way too helpful to stay fit than one could ever think. It helps you build your strength, focus, balance and flexibility. Akshay’s video of playing volleyball with some boys at Juhu beach is the proof for that.

  1. Hula hooping with Wooden beads

If you want to work your core, then wooden beads are a fun way to do it. It will make the neck, back and other muscles work in the entire body. The idea is to try rotating the beads around a specific part of your body like a hula hoop.

  1. Working out with a Mugdar

Mugdar is nothing but a kind of weight, usually used in Indian martial arts. It strengthens your shoulders, back and biceps.

by Neetu Panwar | Tue, Aug 20 - 01:27 PM

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