6 Things Meghan Markle, Duchess Of Sussex Can’t Do After Marrying Prince Harry

Actress Meghan Markle and Price Harry entered wedlock this weekend in a royal style. The wedding was a grand affair with VVIP guests in attendance. Though Meghan has become the royal queen now, there are many responsibilities and rules that come tagged with that role. After the wedding there are few things that Meghan Markle is restricted not to do.

1) No more Autographs

Up until now Meghan has signed autographs for her fans.  But now after becoming the royal bride she can do that no more. The reason behind not signing the autograph is because there is a risk of signature forgery. Even before getting married into the royal family she already habituated not signing the autograph for her fans. In January 2018, for a 10-year-old fan she wrote 'Hi Katyln' instead of her name.

2) Should be neutral in political matters

Meghan who is an activist by nature and speaks her mind out cannot be the same after the wedding. According to the official website of British Royal Family, the queen must remain strictly neutral in the matters of politics. This also includes voting in elections. She should stay tight-lipped about the political matters and should not voice her opinion freely like before.

3) No Bare Legs

When pictures surfaced of Meghan and Prince Harry announcing their engagement your eyes may have fixated on the ring immediately, but her legs were the only thing that stole the show that day, specifically, her bare legs. According to a Royal rule, You will never see a Royal without their nude stockings.

4) New Bedtime

The queen should go to sleep only after Queen Elizabeth goes to sleep. Before the bedtime, the entire royal family need to sit together for a hour long for the dinner and only after that they need to go to sleep. Diana was against it and used to go to sleep before the queen, but in order to stay in the good books of Queen, Meghan need to strive a little hard.

5) No more Acting

Acting is a big no-no for the brides of the royal family. Meghan quit Suits show before her engagement with Prince Harry.

6) Travelling Solo Is restricted

Meghan can no more go to solo trips. She is being guarded by six protection officers ever since her engagement.  Royal tours though seem effortless, they actually take 6 months to plan.

by Vijay Singh | Wed, May 23 - 01:02 PM

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