6 Innovative Business Cards Which Shows How Some Minds Can Be So Creative

Doing business is every second individual’s dream. Some people take a huge risk and invest everything for their dream business; some achieve success while some don’t. But that doesn’t mean you stop dreaming and thinking about it. There are many factors which can surely lead you to the success in the business. How you present yourself and your company plays an important role.

You might have always come across some well-known business firms through business cards which every person has.

Well, personally, I have only come across simple business cards with required information. But do you guys know, there are some people who believe in being creative with such small things as well.

It may not give you any profits but it can surely help you in long term.

So here, take a look at 10 most innovative business cards which will surely blow your mind.

  1. Yoga Mat Business Card

This is something really interesting and creative. The card itself is like a yoga mat which perfectly resembles the name ‘Yoga Mat’. The card has limited information but the card is the major highlight.

image source

  1. Dentist’s Cavity Business Card

This card says it all by the way it is designed. The card has a small cut out of a tooth and shows a black cavity. We must say, the one who designed must be surely super creative.

image source

  1. Stretchy Personal Trainer’s Business Card

People are quite health conscious these days and it’s a good habit to keep ourselves fit. This card is unique in its own way. If you wish to see the details on the business card, all you got to do is stretch it. Wow, isn’t it great?

image source

  1. Yoga Center Straw

This business card is designed on a straw with a lady doing a yoga pose. We can imagine how creative one can be when it comes to attracting customers.

image source

  1. Makeup Business Card

Girls might really find this attractive and immediately rush to this shop after seeing this beautiful card. A red lipstick mark is enough to grab attention of the ladies. The card is simple with just this lipstick mark and the details engraved on the lips. Short and sweet but really amazing!

image source

  1. Toy Chair Business Card

This is a perfect business card which is beautifully designed as per the company name. The card needs to be joined like a puzzle which comes in various parts. Indeed a very great idea!

image source

These cards are really unique and talk about the overall theme about the company. It is a great idea to create a good impression and attract the customers!

by Vijay Singh | Sun, Jun 17 - 11:50 AM

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