A video of an Australian Man Speaking Bhojpuri Fluently is going crazy viral on Social Media

We are in those days where we are not even fluent and perfect in our own mother tongue.  It is literally a matter of shame for many not to be fluent in their mother language itself.  But sometimes it feels so good to see people from foreign countries speak our local languages fluently.  There are many people who love to learn other country local languages and here a man who is a gem in doing it.  We must say he is a total pro when it comes to speaking Bhojpuri fluently just like any other Bhojpuri born person.


It is a known fact that learning a completely foreign language is a matter of challenge. However, this man makes it look so simple by speaking in Bhojpuri so very fluently.  His fluency even makes the locals get jealous of him.  Have you ever come across a person who is picture perfectly fluent in speaking a non-native language? If not see the video below to get mesmerized to the core. This elderly Australian man is no joke when it comes to speaking Bhojpuri fluently. He speaks the language with a great command than any of us. The video of this Australian man speaking fluent Bhojpuri will leave many peoples eyeballs to roll for sure.

Australian man speaks fluent Hindi

He will leave all the now-native-speakers of Hindi shell-shocked.  He is good at both Hindi and Bhojpuri, which are two different Indian languages.

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In the video, we can hear the man saying that he has spent substantial time in India and traveled within the country.  He said that the first word he learned while being in India was “Diversion”, and in the video, he said it exactly the way Indians pronounce the word.  His pronunciation deserves a clap too. He said that he has lived in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and many other Indian cities. While speaking in Hindi, he said he has worked in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

The most interesting things are that when asked he speaks the Indian language so well and that he is like an Indian, he said that he is very much an Indian and he is a Kashmiri Brahman.  The video of this man speaking Hindi and Bhojpuri so fluently is going viral all over the internet.  Quite interesting right?

by Vijay Singh | Sat, May 26 - 11:08 AM

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