Journey Of Mrs Earth India Diksha From Her Struggling Days To Bagging This Title Is Truly Inspiring

About few years ago, this girl name Diksha Chhabra was like any other ordinary girl in her late 20s and had a kid. She was leading an unhealthy life as she was busy with her office work and household chores. She was unable to dedicate time to herself and it took toll on her health leading to weight gain. She weighed 90 kg.

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Diksha’s story is not about a girl who was overweight and how she lost her weight and got back into the shape. It's a journey of hard work, patience and a lot of determination.

The 30-year-old Diksha works as an administrator at a school in Delhi, while her husband serves in the army.  The lady was raising her 5-year-old kid all by herself along with her work.

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Diksha witnessed some major changes in the body as she was rapidly gaining weight. She decided to look into the matter seriously and visited the doctor. Later, she came to know that she has hypothyroidism and PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian disease).

Looking at the seriousness of her health, Diksha decided to eat better and get physically fit. She quit her job and put her entire focus on improving her health.

She bought a treadmill and also made a strict diet as a first step towards being fit.

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Talking to a leading web portal, Diksha said, “I was shy to go out and work out. So I got a treadmill and started doing cardio at home.”

The lady lost a whopping 18 kg within 8 months but she was still not satisfied.

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She then decided to do take more efforts and decided to do weightlifting to achieve a toned body. She did this because Diksha didn’t want to just lose weight with extra skin sagging around hands and waist.

Diksha who was a vegetarian started including chicken and fish in her diet which are a natural source of protein.  She was lifting weights and lost further 12 kg.

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On asking what was her family’s reaction looking at her new toned look, Diksha said, “Initially, they were surprised to see me switch to a non-vegetarian diet, but as they saw the results they were really happy.”

From weighing a whopping 90 kgs, Diksha now weight 60kgs. She lost 30kgs with all her hard work and dedication. During her journey of transformation, she amassed thousands of followers on social media.

You will be surprised to know that today; she's a model, an official coach with Decathlon, a nutritionist and a fitness trainer.

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Diksha also won Mrs India Earth-runner up. An elated Diksha said, “I've put in a lot of hard work into achieving this level of fitness and it has given me an immense sense of self-confidence.”

Diksha believes in loving herself and also spreads the same message to all the girls out there.

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She says, “It's our overall culture that's to be blamed that Indian women don't prioritise their health. Once a girl is married, she's expected to give the highest preference to her kids and family. Her own health takes a backseat. But how can you take care of others when you yourself aren't happy and healthy? You can't pour from an empty jar.”

Lastly, she said, “I want to break the contemporary Indian woman myth. I want to empower the women of today and help them embrace a healthy lifestyle!”

Hats off to Diksha’s dedication!

by Vijay Singh | Sun, Jun 24 - 01:28 PM

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