The Story Behind P2P Lending Startup Finzy Can Be The Inspirational Mantra For You

Launching a startup isn't a big deal but running it successfully is definitely not everyone's cup of tea. A startup is attached with facing self-doubts, challenges of human resource, dealing with co-founders, market challenges and monetary issues. Every startup has its own story to present to the world and one such inspiring success story of a startup is the story of P2P lending Finzy.

It was the day of November 28, 2015, when clueless Amit reached to his new office which was the kids’ room. He remained in the same position for many weeks. He was trying to sail two boats together but instead of his bosses warning such as: “It’s suicidal,” and “Create, curate, and test your idea before you take the plunge,” he quit his rut and follow his guts.

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The same guts then showed by well working man Abhinandan who too decided to follow Amit's way with the same vision to solve a real-world problem.

According to them: “Having crossed an ocean of naysayers and set aside fears, we followed our instinct. Two friends came together with a single-minded vision and began the journey to create Finzy.”

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Then came the third co-founder Vishwas Dixit who joined Amit More and Abhinandan Sangam. Dixit too quit his well-placed job and brought immense domain expertise. With the inclusion of Apoorv Gawde, their team became a strong core team and strengthened the process of bringing the vision of Finzy to life.

With an unbeatable core team, here is Finzy: a product that customers love and a product that plays an important role in everyone’s life. It is a brand which has helped many people fulfil their wishes of higher education, wedding expenses, travelling foreign, buying a vehicle, redesigning their home and even solving their medical issues.

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Once Abhinandan said, “If anyone tells you the journey is easy, they are lying, and if you believe them, you are fooling yourself!” These following are the six categories that everyone needs to survive this uncertain phase of one’s life and Finzy strongly support this.

Believe: Building a startup is not a short-term challenge but it needs to believe in self. Also, believing in the partner is extremely important. Self-trust and mutual understanding are must in a startup building.

Support: Not only a startup but also every other business need the support of family. It can be your father, your spouse, your friend or anyone.

Attention: A startup requires an attentive mind to catch the business opportunities that are all around them. Always ready to trace the problems and give the solutions to it.

Achieve: Never shy to take any step, only then you can achieve what you desire. Put all your effort, give 6-18 hours a day, don't step back to travel frequently and there you can hit the target.

Persevere: Stay persevere in facing issues from identified and unidentified problems.

Share: Always ready to share the burden of success. Building a core team isn't enough, but accepting to share your success with them is important.

Before starting any new thing, raise funds well. Think twice before falling for equity. Spend money smartly. These are the things which Finzy teaches us.

by Vijay Singh | Thu, Aug 02 - 02:46 PM

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