The Mind behind India’s first Pet Hotel; Pampered pooches and treated them well

The Critterati is India’s first ever Hotel for pets located in Gurugram. This is the first ever South Asia Pet restaurant opened in India exclusively for dogs. The Pet owners can actually book a room for their dogs @ $70 per night and the pet will get to enjoy the luxury per suite services. The luxury suits offered in this hotel has all the luxury amenities like the velvet bed, TV, flap leading to the private balcony and much more. There is also a special swimming pool located at the special dog café where the pets can enjoy eating and having a relaxing spa.

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What adds more to the services of the Critterati is the 24 x7 medical care service along with the fully stocked bar located in the ultimate luxury hotel for pets. A well spent day trip can be enjoyed by the dogs in the hotel at just $70 for a night stay. This is the best gift you can give to your pet and pamper the pooches with utmost luxury services.  Any dog irrespective of its breeds like St Bernard’s, Labradors and Lhasa Apsos can now enjoy these wonderful services offered in this hotel and get a well-spent day with the other pets.

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This is a very unique and interesting concept and the man behind such unique outcome is none other than Chief Executive Deepak Chawla who turned this imagination into reality by opening the very first pet hotel in India, the Critterati. The facilities offered in this hotel are very similar to those offered for humans in luxury hotels. All the small and comfort zone of pets is taken care of under the hotel. We all know that animals are more loyal when compared to human beings these days. They deserve more care and love than the normal.

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There are few pictures of the hotel inside where you can see how the dogs are being pampered and how they are given the services worth deserving.

So, if you own a pet and want to gift them something in return for their pure love, then now you know what surprise you should give. Hats off to the mastermind Deepak Chawla who has come up with such brilliant output. We hope to see more of such hotels all over India soon.

by Vijay Singh | Mon, May 07 - 06:08 PM

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