An Inspirational Tale Of Country’s Youngest Spy Saraswathi Rajamani

Sixty-nine years after our country lastly got its hard-won freedom, the bravery and inputs of a lot of little-known freedom warriors have disappeared from public reminiscence. Largely ignored by authors and historians, these males and females laid the foundation of the country’s liberty from the British rule. One such unappreciated idol is a female few Indians know about, a lady who lived a life of intrigue and threat to assist her country battle colonial law.

The woman was the nation’s youngest undercover agent, 16-year-old Saraswathy Rajamani, who smuggled secrets for the country’s intelligence division.

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Saraswathi Rajamani took birth in Burma during 1927, and she belonged to the family of freedom fighters. Her dad was a rich miner from Trichy. Her dad was a staunch follower of the freedom fighters and he got settled in Burma to escape detention by the British rulers.

Rajamani was the intensely patriotic girl was just 10 when she met great leader Mahatma Gandhi.

Rajamani’s complete family eagerly introduced themselves to Gandhi Ji, it was learnt that little Rajamani was not there. After a frantic chase (Gandhi Ji joined in too), the 10-year-old was found in the garden, sharpening her shooting knowledge.

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Shocked to witness the kid with a gun, Gandhi Ji asked the girl that why she required a gun.

“To shoot down the Britishers, of course,” she crisply answered, without even looking at him.

“Violence is not the answer, little girl. We are fighting the British through non-violent ways. You should also do that,” Gandhi ji urged.

“We shoot and kill the looters, don’t we? The British are looting India, and I am going to shoot at least one Britisher when I grow up,” said a strong-minded Rajamani.

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As Rajamshe grew up, she came to know about Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose as well as his Indian National Army. She was just 16 when Bose came to Rangoon.

On meeting Rajamani’s dad, Bose said, “Due to her innocence, she gave away all her jewellery. So, I have come to return it.”

Rajamani said, “They are not my father’s, they are mine. I gave all of them to you, and I will not take them back.”

So wilful was the adolescent that Subhash could not but think a lot of her willpower.

He told her, “Lakshmi (money) comes and goes but not Saraswathi. You have the wisdom of Saraswathi. Hence, I name you Saraswathi.”

This was how Rajamani turned out to be Saraswathi Rajamani from that day onwards.

by Vijay Singh | Mon, Jul 02 - 04:46 PM

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