Reasons why one should invest in an iPhone than on Android phone

In the 2018 WWDC Event Apple has announced it's prestigious iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad.  Though there are no remarkable features in the new version, they still go well with different iPhone models.  Compared to Android, the OS updates in iOS is pretty much high level.  This holds true for the smart phones that are 3 years or more older.  This in turn makes the users to upgrade their OS on a regular note.  For instance, consider iPhone 5s that was launched approximately 5 years ago.  Though the smartphone was discontinued, taking into consideration the owners of the phone, the company is releasing OS updates even today.  The same can't happen with the Android smartphone that was bought back in 2013.

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For example, Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched in the same year, but it is yet to get it's 6.0 update.  It is not practically possible to run latest Android software on older devices.  According to Google's data, 6% of all Android phones are running on Android 8.0 Oreo.  On the other hand, 80% of the iOS devices use iOS 11.  Though iPhone 5S will not deliver the same features as that of the new launched ones, the fact that they use the same UI as the iPhone X is something to boost about.  This is something that cannot be found in old android phones.

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The reason why this point is being highlighted is that, customers spend their hard-earned money on smartphones and obviously expect them to get latest updates.  Owners of Pixel smartphones are an exception however.  It is damn difficult to purchase a whole new phone just to enjoy the latest features.  Most of the Android users need to suffer because of the lack of OS updates for older smartphones while iOS users are a bit safe in this matter.  Users who own older versions of iOS phones can enjoy latest updates and features without investing a single pie.   This is quite a feat by Apple.

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Another point to be noted here is the security of the phone.  The latest releases have strict security features, which is not present in the older ones.  Most of the apps will not run on older phones due to the older firmware.  This is not the same with iPhones.  Both iPhone 5S and iPhone X got same level of security features and can run all the new apps.  The fact that both the older and latest released iPhones have same security levels and run newest apps is pretty impressive.

With the project Treble, Google is trying hard to introduce latest updates to smartphones.  We still need to wait for a while to see the same update in older Android phone and Google Pixel.  Everything we discussed so far highlights one thing that it is safe and better to invest on iOS phone than on any other Android phone.  You can enjoy latest features, same level of security etc in both newer and older releases.

by Vijay Singh | Tue, Jun 12 - 01:23 PM

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