Thailand supermarkets are going super green, they are using banana leaves rather than plastic to wrap vegetables. Amazing initiative!!

To go plastic free is a guarantee that has been broken on numerous occasions. The best way to battle the plastic hazard is to concoct an enduring arrangement, and this Thailand Supermarket has nailed it.

The Rimping general store in Chiangmai is currently utilizing banana leaves for bundling, rather than plastic.

Pictures of produce enveloped by Banana leaves from the market is extremely popular via web-based networking media and a motivation for some individuals to stick to this same pattern.

The leaves are utilized to hold together bundles of vegetables, with an adaptable bit of bamboo attached to keep everything set up.

Utilizing Banana leaves is the best option for single-utilize plastic bundling. As indicated by this report, a few brands have likewise begun the utilization of sacks produced using corn starch, cassava and green growth.

The utilization of Banana leaves isn't new India, the custom of eating banana plantains as well as most leaves is a convention that goes back hundreds of years. Banana leaves are pressed with plant-based mixes called polyphenols, which are the common cancer prevention agents and assistant in processing.

by Lokendra Sharma | Fri, Apr 12 - 12:28 PM

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